Meet a new Prime Builder!


We are proud to announce that Robert Antonios has been appointed as our Construction Manager in New South Wales.

In keeping with our construction strategy, Rob has played a leading role in planning, resourcing, and project delivery across all of our New South Wales projects, ensuring that effective planning, monitoring, and risk mitigation follow our company protocols.

In line with the Prime Build way, Rob is looking forward to leading our NSW project teams and working and collaborating as one team to meet the challenges and expectations of project delivery throughout the lifecycle of the project and our internal and external stakeholders.

Rob has a breadth of building expertise, and some of his significant retail and commercial projects include various Refurbishment/New Build/Remedial Contracts in Sydney, Parramatta and Wollongong Diocese NSW ($3-16m), NSW Anglican Corporation ($4-13m), NSW Adventist Group ($9m), NSW Department of Housing Works. NSW Aged Care, Child Care & a range of Retail, Industrial & Warehousing projects.

With the help of his team and subcontractors, Rob is looking forward to optimizing the delivery of the project and ensuring that all Prime Builders continue providing excellent outcomes for our valued clients across New South Wales.