Prime Build’s growth has been supported by stringent financial control policies.

For over ten years Prime Build has achieved steady and sustainable growth. We are extremely well positioned to take on all different sized projects.

We can provide our clients commitment and financial assurance of our project delivery so you can rest assured that the business is on solid financial ground.

We recognise sub-contractors and suppliers must remain viable to continue to provide a professional service, and whilst we seek value for money, Prime Build aims to be a ‘Principal Contractor of choice to our supply network. We have all the necessary systems in place to ensure our subcontractors and suppliers are able to focus on the job at hand and not financial agreements.

Prime Build follows standards of probity, governance and statutory compliance and has in place management accounting controls. Comprehensive, accurate and up to date cost control ensure that Prime Build is placed well for the company’s growth and commitments.

Prime Build maintains all relevant insurances.