Bondi’s newest store…in 10 days!

Upgrade in just 10 days. With the successful 10 day upgrade of Kmart Bondi Prime Build has once again demonstrated what a hardworking and dedicated team can accomplish.

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Prime Build signs contract with Jobpac

Growing Construction Companies opt for Jobpac Construction Software. Jobpac International Systems, the leader in construction software solutions for the Australian construction and civil engineering sector, announced today that Prime Build have selected Jobpac construction software to support its growing company.

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Prime Build Appointed as Kmart Australia’s PC for NSW/ACT

Prime Build has been successful in its bid lead Kmart Australia’s extensive refurbishment program across NSW & ACT for 2013. Amid tight competition, Prime Build’s fresh outlook, value for money and safety culture was enough for Australia’s most profitable non-food retailer to put faith in our relatively young company in its appointment.


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