Bondi’s newest store…in 10 days!

Upgrade in just 10 days. With the successful 10 day upgrade of Kmart Bondi Prime Build has once again demonstrated what a hardworking and dedicated team can accomplish.

Drawing on the experience gained from the Ashfield upgrade, the team commenced work on 21st August 2013 on the refurbishment of Kmart Bondi.

Prime Build’s success would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of our site supervisors Adrian A and Glen P, leading hands Adam V and Greg C. The guys have delivered a project whose scope & timeframe may not be seen again in the retail industry, all with minimal setbacks.

The 10 day shutdown was not without its challenges, with safety managed meticulously by Aaron W, and the hard work of Frank B, Brad A, Adam S, Jimmy F, Darren S, Vanden B, Barry, Matt T and Phil who ensured the scheme was a huge success. Chris Reeves, whose dedication and continuous liaising with the Kmart team ensured the project progressed as smoothly as possible.

Once again, Prime Build would like to thank our invaluable subcontractors and suppliers who made all of this possible, including; Brian Torda, Dean Connors, Dave Edwards, Clayton Blackmen, William Wu, Stuart O’toole, Vesna Kavcic, Michael Samra, Nick Miller, Mitch Darlington, Janet Lee, Will Germanos and Greg Stevens.

July has proven to be the proudest month in Prime Build’s history, with the successful opening of 2 x 10 day shutdown schemes in Kmart Ashfield 11th July and Kmart Bondi on the 1st August. This project has defined Prime Build and what the Prime Build way is capable of – fantastic work guys.

Thank you all for your support.