Prime Build ‘young guns’ to receive scholarships with Centre for Smart Modern Construction

Last week, Prime Builders Adam Xerri and Mathew Olson were invited to attend the Roundtable – the first event for the Centre for Smart Modern Construction (c4SMC). The Centre aims to maximise the potential of the construction industry in the Western Sydney.

The event engaged stakeholders in a collaborative discussion, in addressing industry related issues. The presented topics will also be further researched by the Centre’s Academic teams. Topics were:

1. Developing a Digitalised Distributed Ledger Platform for Construction Supply Chains
2. Methodology for Analysing Construction Effectiveness Using Non-price Measures
3. Developing Smart Modern Construction Enterprise Typologies for the 21st Century Construction Futures
4. Developing an Offsite and Onsite Construction Skill and Capability Maturity Scale for SMC Projects
5. Methodology for estimating embodied carbon through a distributed ledger platform for construction supply chains

The feedback from the event and the ongoing collaboration with the industry partners will help support each of the research projects.

In addition to the 5 presented topics there were two guest speakers from Data 61 and Lend Lease who highlighted the challenges that the construction industry are facing today. They outlined the global digital transformation and disruption, with the idea of construction as a ‘new industry’ opportunity, with visible and connected supply chains. They also showed the fragmentation of the industry’s thinking and eco-system offerings.

Adam was 1 of 2 students to receive the Smart Modern Construction Scholarship, and Mathew was 1 of 4 students to receive the Dahua Construction Scholarship. Prime Build are thrilled by this news and want to take this opportunity to say a huge congratulations to our high achievers!